We care the environment
We have the state of the art technology to purify and electroplating treatment

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Ormet work’s team has written an environmental policy with the compromise of all the team works in.

An agreement with this policy company has compromised to:

  • Before we start any project which requires industrial tooling or new products always analyze the environmental impact.

  • To have an environmental management which describes the responsibilities and control procedures improving at any time.

  • To expire, always with the conditions demanded by the regulatory authorities, for it always we use a part of the budget for constant improvement since it is the case of the purification for loads or the cleanliness with ultrasounds to the emptiness cleaning the gas of the percloroetilene across filters of active coal.

  • Keep a dialog with all interest groups, customers, authorities, workers, suppliers, neighbourhood, with the object to reach the best environmental system.

  • Thorough the environment department of the company audit the factory to make easier the environmental task.

Download our current Certificate of Environmental Management in PDF format.