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Company established in 1963 by Ramón Balbastre Ferrer. Start up the activity in mould making for plastic die casting, non ironing die casting and stamping moulds. As the time goes on the different areas were going introducing in the company up to nowadays, offering the customer an integrated productive process of a piece.
We have 4.500 square meters for our customers’ necessities. Our facilicities goes from the design of a piece, through mould making up to the finish of a piece in assembly, working exclusively for the customer and taking care to the top of the environment.

Nowadays we deliver the product completely finished up to assembly, with the warranty that it will work for the purpose the product has been made.

Ormet S.L takes part in IBE-RM

With IBE-RM Project tries to push the Rapid manufacturing development Technologies in our country. All the agents involved in this project are the following: Universities, Technologic centres, research and development centres and companies, which is Ormet included.

For Rapid Manufacturing we understand as the set of manufacturing Technologies used in any developing phase or product manufacturing where the piece is made by layers starting from the digital information.

IBE-RM with reference PSE-020000-2009-001 belongs to the Strategies singular projects (2009-2010) of the Science and Innovation Ministry.

Ormet S.L takes part in the book “Success’ Companies: Brave Decisions”written by Commerce Chamber.

In the year 2009 took part in 1 of the 50 most important successful cases in innovation in Comunidad Valenciana.